Shipping Explained - Updated 2/11

Hey Fashionistas,

I have seen quite a few times on other store websites including my own where customers are confused and outraged as they receive a notification that there item was shipped and yet they receive no further update on their tracking info after that for quite some time.

Well, allow me to explain.

In our store, the items are shipped two ways; either shipped from US direct to consumer from yours truly or via a third party supplier. The items that we ship directly are shipped via USPS or sometimes FEDEX so you will always receive a tracking number that updates within a few days of notification and moves through the system pretty quickly. The other items that are shipped from China have a few steps. Once shipped, the item goes through a third party carrier from China to customs (you don't see this on your end but we do) It takes time to clear customs. Once through, it's on it's way to the US via DHL, Fedex or another third party shipping carrier. DHL or the third party shipping carrier will then transfer it to a USPS facility within the states. USPS will then sort it and send it off to you locally. You may notice that your tracking number will say USPS awaiting item in Utah. Utah is the main USPS facility that the third party shipping carrier delivers to. I know this sounds confusing but i've seen a lot of other companies with harsh comments and reviews because customers thought their item was never shipped or they didn't expect shipping to take so long. We offer FREE SHIPPING and with that, we try to do expedited every time unless the third party carrier does not allow it. 

Now that Chinese New Year is finally over, things will go back to normal. All I ask is if you are waiting for items, there is a back log due to CNY, please be patient with us during this time. If you are ever curious about where your package is, message us. Our system can only send out one tracking number so if you don't see any movement on the one given, we will locate your order and check if it is being sent first via Fedex or DHL to USPS. I hope this cleared things up!



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